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Baseball Catching Gloves & Mitts

All About Baseball Catching Gloves & Mitts

Nobody would dare to catch a 100 mile per hour baseball bare handed, so when playing baseball, even just for fun, it's wise to use a baseball glove or catching mitt to catch the ball. A baseball glove has fingers and a catching mitt doesn't. Make sure it fits properly and protects your hand from shock when catching the ball.

It's also a good idea to break your leather glove or mitt in after buying it, so it forms to your hand and loosens up. The best way to break it in is to play catch daily or use glove oil or cream. Make sure you check with the manufacturer on what products to use. Catchers and first basemen use mitts designed specifically for their position. There are also open web and closed web gloves. Some gloves have Velcro straps in them to let you tighten or loosen the fit. Gloves come in various sizes and materials but only in a few colors. Female and children's gloves generally have narrower fingers and smaller wrist openings for a better fit. Children's gloves often have bigger pockets to help them learn how to catch.

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