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Bobsledding Clothing

All About Bobsledding Clothing

Because bobsledding takes place in cold climates, it's essential bobsledders wear warm, but lightweight and aerodynamically designed clothing, as every second is crucial on the track. Bobsledders must wear spiked start shoes to get maximum traction on the icy tracks. There are 50 tiny spikes on the front sole of the shoe; however, these spikes may not be longer than 4 millimeters or .16th of an inch. Bobsledders have to wear helmets, racing suits, gloves and hats. The helmet is an essential piece of equipment because bobsledders are racing down a hard, icy track at very high speeds. Bobsledding helmets must be made of lightweight hard outer shell, which is usually made of composite material, with a padded comfortable interior. It's important your helmet fits properly as it may be used to save you from serious injury.

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