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Fishing Bait & Lures

All About Fishing Bait & Lures

There are many types of bait used to catch fish, including: worms, bread, minnows, frogs, insects, lures and scented and flavored liquids. Real bait is any type of bait that is or was alive. When fishing with worms or minnows you should match the size of the bait to the size of the fish you're trying to catch. Don't use a huge worm or minnow to catch a small fish. Cut the bait up. Try and buy your worms at a shop close to where you'll be fishing, keep them in a cool and dry place and try not to keep them more than a couple of days. There are many types of plastic bait and artificial lures to choose from and it's best to use a brighter lure on a sunny day and a darker lures for nights and dull days. Experiment with types of bait to see which you have the most success with.

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