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Golf Clubs

All About Golf Clubs

The most important and prized possession of any golfer is their clubs. In the old days, golf clubs were made of wood or metal. Today, they are made of titanium, graphite and steel, which allows manufacturers to control the precise weight balance of a club, and to make lightweight clubs, that deliver the exact amount of force to the ball and in the right spot. Because these materials are so light, it enables club makers to design the heads larger, which makes them more forgiving when a swing isn't exactly perfect. Graphite shafts were introduced in 1973 and they offer stiffness, lightness and more strength over steel shafts. Some shafts are now manufactured with other materials, such as boran, to improve their performance and reduce twisting. However, choosing the right club and learning how to use it well is really up to the individual golfer. Make sure you get a good grip on your clubs and the shafts have the right amount of stiffness.

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