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Inline Skates

All About Inline Skates

Inline skates (otherwise known as rollerblades), should fit snugly and give you good support at the ankles. Make sure the frames of the skates are strong enough to support your weight and that one of your skates has a brake on it, though most hockey and speed skates don't have brakes. There are skates for hockey, racing, recreation and for an aggressive style. You should decide if you want large or small and hard or soft wheels, based on what type of skating you'll be doing. Soft wheels are easier to slow down on while racers usually go for hard wheels. Large wheels are built for speed and small ones for maneuverability. Before buying skates try them on in the store and skate around if possible. Don't worry if the size differs from your shoe size, go for comfort and fit. Women's skates are designed for women's feet. Don't forget to clean your skates.

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