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Paintball Guns or Markers

All About Paintball Guns or Markers

There are various types of guns or markers available and you should take into account the type of player you are. Front players usually draw fire and cover players who fire a lot of rounds. Accuracy is essential, so buy a gun or marker which enables you to mount the air supply bottle, so it can be used as a stock. Covering players should use systems that allow you to load and unload the bottle quickly. Semi-automatic and automatic guns shoot more balls, but use up more CO2. Do you want constant air from your tank or a quick-changer for cartridges? Constant air lasts longer, but you need somewhere to refill it. Cartridges run out after 20 shots to 30 shots, but you can stock up on those. Decide the size and type of loader you want. Bigger loaders and hoppers hold more balls, but are heavier. Do you want to fire single, accurate shots or a barrage of fire? A gun with a longer barrel is usually more accurate, but more cumbersome. Find a gun you are comfortable with and learn how it works properly and how to assemble it.

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