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Skateboards & Decks

All About Skateboards & Decks

Choosing a skateboard is really personal preference as there are many components to a board and you should keep in mind what type of boarding you will be doing and on what terrain. The board itself is called the deck. Some skateboarders like to build their own board by buying the deck and wheels etc. separate, while others prefer to buy boards that come in a complete set. If your deck is wider than eight inches it'll be difficult to perform tricks on it. Wider boards make it easier to ride on ramps, however flip tricks are more difficult. Narrower boards make flips easier, but give less stability on a ramp. If you're just going to be using the board as a means of transportation then a wider and longer board over 35 inches is the best bet. Most boards are made of wood, plastic, aluminum or composite material. Don't forget to put a grip track on your board for better traction.

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